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Re: st: Trouble with Win XP/Office XP

From   "jhelweg" <>
Subject   Re: st: Trouble with Win XP/Office XP
Date   Fri, 22 Aug 2003 07:49:35 -0000

I've experienced the exact same problem,- strange thing is that the 
failure to show the Stata 8.1 window only happens quite rarely. I'm 
using WinXP professional with Office 2000. Somehow I suspect that 
there is a conflict with Outlook 2000- I've noticed that the problem 
never happens when - after a reboot or restart- I open Stata as the 
first program, but only after I've used Outlook..

Jannik Helweg-Larsen

I am experiencing a rather odd problem with Stata/SE 8 on Windows 
XP. I contacted Stata Tech Support, of course, but they could not 

 The problem is as follows: Sometimes, Stata cannot be started up. 
To be precise, Stata actually starts up (i.e. wsestata.exe is listed 
under "Processes" in windows task manager and windows cannot be shut 
down before wsestata.exe is terminated manually) but no Stata windows 
appear (furthermore, stata cannot be run in batch mode). The only 
thing to do is to restart the computer (often several times) until 
Stata suddendly starts working properly again. The problem occures on 
both computers I'm using (Dell Dimension 8250; Dell Latitude D800). 
This isn't really surprising, however, since both computers have been 
set up by the same people (local tech support) and, except for some 
machine specific details, the systems are basically identical.
> My first thought was that it has to do with misspecified rights. 
However, this is probably not the case since on the Latitude I have 
full access (admistrator rights). I tried quite a few things like 
updating Stata, uninstall Stata, clean up registry and reinstall, 
reinstall with the newest setup.exe optained from Stata tech support, 
restore file associations, ...  however, nothing helped so far. 
Furthermore, the problem does not seem to be specific to Stata/SE 8. 
I installed a copy of Intercooled 7 to check and the same problem 
> It is possible that Office XP causes the problem (Stata Tech 
Support wrote: "Since your original email we have seen, but have not 
tracked down, a possible problem with Stata 7/8 and Office XP. On 
some machines Stata and Office XP run just fine (my machine, for 
example), but on others machines Stata will not start.") but this is 
not sure.
> I really don't have any idea how to fix the problem and Stata Tech 
Support doesn't either. So here are my questions: Does anyone else 
experience similar problems? Does anyone have an idea what might 
cause the problem? Does anyone know a solution to the problem 
(besides switching operating system)?
> I (and probably Stata Tech Support as well) would appreciate any 
help on this issue!
> ben
> PS: Please contacht me off-list, if you want to receive a copy of 
my correspondence with Stata Tech Support.
> PS: All other applications besides Stata work fine on my computers.
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> ETH-Zentrum SEW E 28
> CH-8092 Zürich
> Ben Jann, lic. rer. soc.
> Tel. +41 1 632 55 58
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