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st: RE: seed command with rndbin

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: seed command with rndbin
Date   Tue, 12 Aug 2003 15:40:03 +0100

Gwen Allardice 
> I have recently found a problem in  stata v7 . I have been 
> using the rndbin
> program extensively in some simulations I am running.
> I would like to be able to replicate  my results and find 
> that the seed
> command does not seem to work; I keep getting different results.
> e.g. a simple example should illustrate my problem. the 
> following three
> lines of stata will generate and show me an appropriate 
> random number but
> repeating the three commands then gives me a different 
> number. I want it to
> give me the same number. 
> set seed 2
> rndbin 1 0.33  6
> display   xb
> Can someone show me how to run the rndin command more than 
> once and get the
> same result each time. 

Hmm. You are using -rndbin-, a user-written program by Joe Hilbe and 
Walter Linde-Zwirble, which is for Stata 3.1. 

As documented at the help for -version- the random number 
generator changed in Stata after version 3.1. 

Therefore, there is no connection between 
-set seed- in an interactive session under Stata 7, 
and what happens when you run -rndbin-, because
different generators are concerned, the new and 
the old (under -version-). 

I think you need to edit a copy of -rndbin- and 
-set seed- within that. 


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