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st: nested logit model

From   "Wei Tan" <>
Subject   st: nested logit model
Date   Tue, 12 Aug 2003 23:48:36 +0800


I need to estimate a nested logit model including outside alternatives.

In my model, I have four choices, j=2,...5 and an outside alternatives j=1.

I group the four choices to two group S1={3,2} and S2={5,4}

at the upper layer of nest, I have choice 1, S1 and S2.

I used the following command

nlogit chosen (choice=price) /*
*/ (type2= x), group(newid) ivc(choicezero=1)

the nest structure shows

type2 choice
choicezero 1
S1 2
S2 4

the program shows an error message

choicezero not found

I guess that my problem is that I did not specify the model correctly. I wonder if someone could help me how to specify the correct model.


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