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st: RE: variable labels

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: variable labels
Date   Mon, 30 Dec 2002 18:34:58 -0000

Traci A Schlesinger
> when using stata for windows, variable labels generally 
> appear next to
> the variable names in the variable box.  however, this does 
> not happen
> when i use my stata7 package which is on my laptop.  


> i am using national 
> criminal reporting data, and the variable names are simply v1 . . .
> v107, but they have descriptive variable labels, which i 
> can see when i
> open the data on a university computer with stata, and it 
> would be very
> helpful if they were visible.  alternately, is there a command that
> would rename my variables there variable labels?

Several answers, but I don't think anyone picked up 
on the last question, which I take to want some 
kind of renaming based on variable labels. 

To do this in general you would need to 
zap embedded spaces and any other characters not 
allowed in variable names, and to watch 
length of names (and possibly non-unique 
abbreviations). However, there could be specific 
short-cuts, but not knowing about the dataset 
you use I can't advise very helpfully without 
more detail. 


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