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Re: st: "Insufficient disk space" error message running -qreg-

From   "Erik Ø. Sørensen" <>
Subject   Re: st: "Insufficient disk space" error message running -qreg-
Date   Sun, 8 Dec 2002 07:40:54 -0500

On søndag, des 8, 2002, at 07:20 America/Montreal, Arne Mastekaasa wrote:

I've had this problem myself. The problem is usually that Stata wants to create a temporary file, and the systemwide temp directory is getting full. If there is only 37mb free on c:\, I would clear out a bit in the temporary file directory. There is a "preserve" buried in qreg that will sometimes want to write a temporary file.

The temporary directory has a tendency to fill up when you kill a Stata-session that has an open temporary file - the gigabytes add quickly if you have large datasets (when you are also more likely to kill a session because it is completely stuck).

Best regards,
Erik Ø. Sørensen, <>.
phd student (economics), Norwegian School of Economics.
currently visiting Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario.

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