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st: graph the percent missing fairly efficiently

From   adonlan <>
Subject   st: graph the percent missing fairly efficiently
Date   Fri, 15 Nov 2002 11:41:05 -0500

I want to produce a report for all variables of the percent of observations 
that are missing.  I know about codebook and inspect, and 'nmissing' (from the 
web).  However, if possible, what is wanted is a percent of missing 
observations for each variable.   I could use 'tabulate' but ideally we want a 
pie chart showing the number missing.    For this I could use 'graph' and 
'pie' but to make 'pie' work, I think I need to turn all the missings [recode 
or mvencode] to a recognizable coded missing like '-99' or something similar.  
This is one option, but perhaps there is an another option (that won't require 
variable recoding or generation, or if it does, certain solutions are fairly 
efficient).   Perhaps some variant of egen or egenodd is applicable, or 
perhaps the matter is simplified with a different type of graph chart.

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