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st: RE: labelling dstdize

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: labelling dstdize
Date   Fri, 15 Nov 2002 16:15:12 -0000

Colin M Fischbacher
> I asked about labelling the output of -dstdize- and Nick 
> Cox suggested
> the answer might be found in the source code for 
> dstdize.ado. I've had a
> look at this and think the answer might be in the macro `Gc', but
> modifying the code is probably beyond my limited 
> programming skills. I'm
> still puzzled about why it _does_ seem possible to produce labelled
> output in some cases - as shown in the manual. Is modifying 
> the source
> code the only way forward?

It is not clear what your problem is, precisely; 
nor it is clear that there is any problem 
with -dstdize- that prompts modification of the 

Where value labels exist, they will be echoed. 
That is in the code. As said, the reason why 
one example in the manual appears as raw 
values is that in the data set in question
the variable in question lacks value labels, so there 
are none to echo. 

Please give a concrete example of the 
output you are getting, explaining why 
it is problematic in your view. 


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