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Re: st: graph the percent missing fairly efficiently

From   Richard Goldstein <>
To, adonlan <>
Subject   Re: st: graph the percent missing fairly efficiently
Date   Fri, 15 Nov 2002 11:48:49 -0500

You can certainly see the percentages by using -pattern-
repeatedly on each variable (e.g., use -for- or a relative
to make this easier); I don't think that Weesie's -mvpatterns-
shows this (but I could be wrong so check that also).

Rich Goldstein

adonlan wrote:
> I want to produce a report for all variables of the percent of observations
> that are missing.  I know about codebook and inspect, and 'nmissing' (from the
> web).  However, if possible, what is wanted is a percent of missing
> observations for each variable.   I could use 'tabulate' but ideally we want a
> pie chart showing the number missing.    For this I could use 'graph' and
> 'pie' but to make 'pie' work, I think I need to turn all the missings [recode
> or mvencode] to a recognizable coded missing like '-99' or something similar.
> This is one option, but perhaps there is an another option (that won't require
> variable recoding or generation, or if it does, certain solutions are fairly
> efficient).   Perhaps some variant of egen or egenodd is applicable, or
> perhaps the matter is simplified with a different type of graph chart.
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