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st: Re: duplicate names

From   baum <>
Subject   st: Re: duplicate names
Date   Tue, 29 Oct 2002 07:49:20 -0500

--On Tuesday, October 29, 2002 2:33 -0500 Don wrote:

(in re Nick Winter's 'c', from fastcd):

The comment I have is: "is there some convention for not using the same
names for programs"
There is an ironclad rule w.r.t. the SSC archive, in that I cannot have two programs (or packages) with the same name in the archive. However I do not check that the name of a file was never to be found in the STB, and there is no way of telling if some user distributed such a file outside (or prior to) the SSC archive.

Normally, as Nick well knows, names of 1-3 characters are disparaged (as are command names that are English words). The latter rule is widely flouted. There is good reason to allow bending the former in this case since it makes the command all the easier to use.

The 'c' command does seem to work just fine on *nix (Solaris). It will need a bit of work to be MacOS-compatible.


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