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st: MAC crash despite 40000 KB

From   Phung Lang <>
Subject   st: MAC crash despite 40000 KB
Date   Wed, 23 Oct 2002 18:50:57 +0200

Hi I'm back!

Thank you for the suggestions to the multiple response question.  I will
have to try them out soon.  But I have a question regarding Lee's answer.
I see in his attached program that it is for version 7.0.  I have Stata
6.0,  would that be a problem?

And now I am running into another problem. I have been suffering from MAC
crashes (error Type 11 most of the time, sometimes 2 pops up) when I try to
update, download stbs, etc., even though I have increased the memory so
that Stata has 39,738,912 bytes to work with.  There is basically nothing
in the memory except for the initial programs, requiring 432 bytes.  How
much does STATA actually need? I can continue to increase the memory, but
am wondering if anything else could be wrong. I have STATA 6.0, and have
not added anything new, since I just started working with STATA now.

If this is a typical newcomer question, please indulge me.  Thanks again.


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