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st: Statalist and requests for private help

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Statalist and requests for private help
Date   Wed, 23 Oct 2002 16:28:53 +0100

A member asked 

> ... If anyone has sample code they could share, 
> please e-mail  me off-list.

Please note that it is not Statalist policy 
that this list be a conduit for requests
for private help. The FAQ makes clear 
our practice -- followed throughout the list's 
entire life -- that answers should be sent to the 
list, the whole point being of course that they 
may be of interest to many others. 

The only exceptions to this, I suggest, are that 

1. People may ask for expressions of interest from 
Statalist members in undertaking paid 
consultancy or in applying for Stata-related 
posts. You are, in effect, offering opportunities
to Statalist members and such expressions 
should of course be private. 

2. Occasionally, it may be appropriate to 
ask for private responses when accompanied
by a firm promise to collate and summarise
replies in a later report to the list. 
(In practice, my impression is that this 
seldom works on Statalist, partly given the ethos 
of public question and reply, and partly 
for other reasons.) 

Naturally, none of this affects in 
any way your total right to engage 
in private exchanges with others. 
It is merely a request to follow
agreed procedure when making postings
to the list. 

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