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Re: st: caching -- and Stata users in UK universities

From   Brendan Halpin <>
Subject   Re: st: caching -- and Stata users in UK universities
Date   04 Oct 2002 17:22:45 +0100

Nick Cox <> writes:

> In my experience, it 
> sometimes means that an update of Stata is not 
> "visible" to you until some days after it has 
> been announced or mentioned on Statalist. 
> I can't add much more except to say that the cache is in 
> effect offsite as far as a user is concerned, 
> so that I don't think it can be subverted 
> by using software on your machine other than Stata. 

Rumour has it that appending a "?" to a URL will prompt caching
software to fetch the original, as it suggests to it that the page
is dynamic (and therefore not cache-able). So if you suspect has changed, ask for instead. If it really was a
dynamic page, the ? would precede assignment of values to variables
like "query=logit+lang=en" or some such.

No warranties that this will work with the caching system in
question, and maybe it's difficult to do from within Stata, but it
might help.

Brendan Halpin, Dept of Government and Society, Limerick
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