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st: tempname

From   "Jun Xu" <>
Subject   st: tempname
Date   Fri, 04 Oct 2002 11:22:06 -0500

Al Statalisters:

I have a question related to tempname. I have a series of matrices obtained through post-estimation, and the number of matrices is determined by the info in the return or est list. Further, I need to tempname these matrices. I thought of an awkward way, not sure if there is any command in Stata can take care of that. To make my question clear, I use a mock example that's similar to mine, but much simpler:
capture program drop what
program define what
forval i=1/4 {
tempname mat`i'
forval i=1/4 {
mat `mat`i''=[`i']
mat list `mat`i''



Is there any options after tempname that can facilitate such needs especially when I have several, not just the mat`i''s. Many thanks.

Jun Xu
Department of Sociology
Indiana UNiversity at Bloomington

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