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st: caching -- and Stata users in UK universities

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: caching -- and Stata users in UK universities
Date   Fri, 4 Oct 2002 16:10:40 +0100

In a recent thread started by Roger Harbord, 
William Gould wrote 

> The answer, I suspect, has to do with caching performed 
> by the University and, if I am right, than Roger is going 
> to have to wait until the cache expires.  Many U.K. 
> universities, I believe, cache the contents of URLs.  They
> do this to minimize the number of bytes transmitted and 
> received over the Atlantic for which, as I understand it, 
> they are charged.  At least, that is the reasoning I have 
> heard.  I cannnot vouch for the reasoning, but I do know
> that we have dealt with U.K. sites that are heavily cached.
> The effect of this cache is to introduce a delay before 
> updates are available.

It turns out that in Roger's case the main problem 
arose for another reason. But my understanding is 
exactly the same as Bill's, and so this is worth 
flagging for the information of Statalist members 
in British universities. In my experience, it 
sometimes means that an update of Stata is not 
"visible" to you until some days after it has 
been announced or mentioned on Statalist. 

I can't add much more except to say that the cache is in 
effect offsite as far as a user is concerned, 
so that I don't think it can be subverted 
by using software on your machine other than Stata. 

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