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Re: st: Re: what time is it?

From   "Jesper B. Sorensen" <sorensen@MIT.EDU>
Subject   Re: st: Re: what time is it?
Date   Fri, 27 Sep 2002 15:14:22 -0400

I did not see the original posting, but if a string version of the date and time variable will work, you can do something like the following, using the datestamp variable from my earlier posting. The datestamp variable can also be the difference between two points in time. (xx is just a placeholder)

gen day=int(datestamp)
gen double xx=datestamp-int(datestamp)
gen hr = int(xx*24)
replace xx=((xx*24)-hr)
gen min = int(xx*60)
gen sec = (xx*60-min)*60

gen str30 datestr= string(day,"%d") + ":" + string(hr,"%02.0f") + ":" + string(min,"%02.0f") + ":" + string(sec,"%04.1f")

Other variants are of course possible, and once settled upon likely best put in an ado file for personal use.

At 09:39 AM 9/27/2002 -0400, you wrote:

> I agree that it might be nice in some situations to have a format that specified
> the exact time as well as the day.
> //Jesper
<more snip>

I hate to SAS you all, but what I'm looking for is this:

gen DATE=mdy(mon_var,day_var,yr_var) we've got this in Stata
TIME=hms(hr_var,min_var,sec_var) SAS code
DATETIME=dhms(DATE,hr_var,min_var,sec_var) SAS code

As Kit noted, I need to be able to calculate the difference between two
date/time points and display it in a meaningful way which may include
hours, minutes and seconds.
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