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Re: st: Re: what time is it?

From   Elizabeth Allred <>
Subject   Re: st: Re: what time is it?
Date   Fri, 27 Sep 2002 09:39:06 -0400

> I agree that it might be nice in some situations to have a format that specified
> the exact time as well as the day.
> //Jesper
<more snip>

I hate to SAS you all, but what I'm looking for is this:

gen DATE=mdy(mon_var,day_var,yr_var)          we've got this in Stata
TIME=hms(hr_var,min_var,sec_var)              SAS code
DATETIME=dhms(DATE,hr_var,min_var,sec_var)    SAS code

As Kit noted, I need to be able to calculate the difference between two
date/time points and display it in a meaningful way which may include
hours, minutes and seconds.
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