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st: Re: constraints

From   "Hannah Kewsberry" <>
Subject   st: Re: constraints
Date   Wed, 18 Sep 2002 13:51:03 +0000

Dear Sir,

I have tried to work on the similar template on mlogit as you have suggested but Stata has given me the response:'invalid syntax'. Could you kindly suggest where have I gone wrong?





Presuming that you are using linear regression,

g totearn = earn1 + earn2 + earn3
reg par e1 e2 e3 race status totearn

does this by substituting the constraint into the model. Alternatively,

cons def 1 earn1=earn2
cons def 2 earn1=earn3
cnsreg par e1 e2 e3 race status earn*, c(1 2)

Since you are applying two constraints to the coefficient vector (i.e. if you ran the unconstrained regression and tested earn1=earn2=earn3, you would be doing an F with 2 and ? d.f.), you must define two constraints.

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