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Re: st: RE: problems starting xstata

From   Brendan Halpin <>
Subject   Re: st: RE: problems starting xstata
Date   17 Sep 2002 15:48:44 +0100

Gene Fisher <> writes:

> I've had this problem too.  Are you using the Gnome desktop?  There is a
> .gtkrc file in your home directory.  Try moving it to .gtkrc.SAV (mv .gtkrc
> .gtkrc.SAV) and then xstata may start.  If other programs don't work, you
> may have to move .gtkrc.SAV back to .gtkrc.

I have a minor problem with xstata on Linux, which this adjustment
fixes: with .gtkrc in place xstata can't find lots of the image
files with which it "dresses" its window, and I get an odd-looking
but functional graphical stata. I can live with it (particularly
because I'm one of those weirdoes who interfaces with Stata via ESS
and Emacs) but I'd like to get it working properly. Presumably
.gtkrc is overwriting a path to Stata's *.png files -- but which
and where, and what to do about it?

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