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Re: st: easier way to rename?

From   Kaleb Michaud <>
Subject   Re: st: easier way to rename?
Date   Fri, 13 Sep 2002 17:00:47 -0500

Try renvars.ado (findit renvars)
I use it quite a bit for things like this.

At 05:34 PM 9/13/2002 -0400, Radu Ban wrote:
I want to rename my variables (which now have long names since they come
from an excel sheet). I would like to know if there is a quick way to rename
a recurring word to an abbreviation.
For example, a lot of my variables contain the word 'households' and I would
like to rename it to 'hh' for easier access later. I know there's renpfix,
but this only takes care of characters at the start of the variable name.
Thank you,

Radu Ban
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