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Re: st: Missing values in two-way tables

From   Philip Ryan <>
Subject   Re: st: Missing values in two-way tables
Date   Sat, 14 Sep 2002 08:49:14 +0930

I recently wrote a program called -tab3way- that specialises in the tabulation of frequencies and percentages (for 3 way tables only), to which -table- is not suited. This is on the SSC site.

I have also written a companion called (wait for it...) -tab2way- that does the same for two-way tables. Really, the only reason I wrote it was to get the flexibility that the stubwidth() and cellwidth() options give with -table-. I did not think there was any other use, since -tabulate- does a perfectly good job with cell, row and column percentages.

Anyway I will send -tab2way- to Friedrich privately (and also post to Kit for uploading onto the SCC site). The -usemiss- option on this command should provide what Friedrich wants.


At 09:02 AM 13/09/2002 -0700, you wrote:

I use Stata 7 for Windows and frequently examine the distribution of
missing values with -tab var1 var2, m-. Because of the size
limitations of -tabulate- this does not work for large tables, but
with -table- the -missing- option only replaces empty cells with

How can I create large two-way tables that list missing values? I
looked through the manuals, tried -findit- and searched the FAQs and
the Statalist archives but did not find an answer to this question.

Thank you for your help.

Friedrich Huebler

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