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st: NASUG meeting and Short course announcement

From (William Gould)
Subject   st: NASUG meeting and Short course announcement
Date   Thu, 12 Sep 2002 07:50:00 -0500

As Ronnie Babigumira <> and Kit Baum <>
have pointed out, I created confusion yesterday with my announcment of the
NASUG meeting and Short Course on "Measurement error in nonlinear models" by
writing 2002 when I meant 2003 and, and writing Tuesday when I meant Monday,
and 18march when I meant 17march.  Well, the whole thing with dates was pretty
well messed up.

To clarify, the dates are:

        NASUG meeting    Monday,  17march2003
        Short Course     Tuesday, 18march2003

What's on the web site is right; what I wrote in my posting was wrong.

An updated posting is attached.  Please forgive my sloppiness.

-- Bill

As you already know, the North American Stata User Group meeting will be held
on 17mar2002 (a Monday) at the Longwood Galleria Conference Center in
Boston, Massachusetts.  You can now enroll.  In addition, the meeting will be
followed by a one-day short course on "Measurement error in nonlinear models",
to be given by Raymond Carroll and James Hardin:

     17mar2002  Mon.    North American Stata User Group Meeting
     18mar2002  Tue.    Short course  on "Measurement error in nonlinear
                        models" by Raymond Carroll and James Hardin

                                 Professional         Student
     Meeting + Short course          $85                $55
     Meeting only                    $45                $20
     Short course only               $45                $45

     To enroll:
        or email

     For more information:

The short course is based on the book

	Measurement Error in Nonlinear Models
	R. J. Carroll, D. Ruppert and L.A. Stefanski
	Chapman and Hall/CRC Press 1995
	ISBN 0 412 04721 7

and is an outgrowth of recent work with Stata Corporation by Ray and James
along with Joseph Newton, Henrik Schmiediche, and Tamara Stoner to develop new
statistical techniques along with software for estimation in the presence of
measurement error.  At the course, a Stata module for estimating these models
will be introduced and made available (without charge).

For more information, see

and if you wish to enroll, point your browser to

or send email to <>.

-- Bill
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