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st: Re: stata in batch

From   "Kit Baum, Faculty Micro Resource Center" <>
To   Traci A Schlesinger <tracias@Princeton.EDU>
Subject   st: Re: stata in batch
Date   Wed, 12 Jun 2002 10:13:02 -0400


It makes a difference when you run 'real' batch because then you are starting a new process, and your directory will be whatever it is @ logon, rather than inherited from the parent process. Usually in my batch Stata jobs I have a Stata 'cd' command as the first command to ensure that I am in the right place.

Best wishes
Kit Baum, Faculty Micro Resource Center
Academic Technology Support, Boston College

--On Wednesday, June 12, 2002 10:06 -0400 Traci A Schlesinger <tracias@Princeton.EDU> wrote:

hi Kit,
it is a dual boot system.  however, my mistake was simple.  i changed
directories to where the data and  the do-file were inside the do-file,
but not before.  so the system couldn't find the do-file.  i didn't end
up running it in background:  i used the commands:  nohup stata -s do fe
and that worked.  i just had to change directories first.  this is the
type of thing i should de-bug myself -- i just couldn't find it.  Thanks
for taking time to respond!

baum wrote:

--On Wednesday, June 12, 2002 2:33 -0400 Traci wrote:

alternatively, if i try to run the job in the background by typing

stata -b do fe &

where fe is the name of the do file i am trying to run, i get the
following output:
[1] 4570
[1]    Done                 stata -s do fe\

and still, i can't find the job anywhere, or the output from the job.

in the do-file, i specify the directory, set the memory, and open the
file to be used.  does anyone know what i am doing wrong?

thanks in advance for any advice you can offer!
On our Solaris systems, one would give the commands

$ batch
stata -b do fe

and the result would be placed in fe.log. This is true batch -- not
background, which is a child process of your terminal session.

Unix and Linux machines do not have 'h' drives, in my experience; smells
Windows. Is this a dual-boot system?


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