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st: stcox: weighted regression changes the # of observations

From   Michael McCulloch <[email protected]>
To   Statalist <[email protected]>
Subject   st: stcox: weighted regression changes the # of observations
Date   Thu, 30 Nov 2006 17:04:19 -0800

(I'm sorry for the re-send, my last note had poor column alignment.)
I'd appreciate your consideration of this question.
I'm conducting cox regression on a dataset measuring survival after treatment. I'm puzzled as to why weighted regression (using -iweight- after -stcox-) would show a different # of observations in the output. Here are results of the ways I've done the analysis. In each case, I start with only 33 subjects.

*bootstrap, reps(1000): stcox tcm
HR=0.72 (se 0.26), ci95(0.36, 1.48) "No subjects" = 65.62

stcox tcm
HR = 0.77 (se 0.30), ci95 (0.36, 1.66) "No subjects" = 33

parmby "stcox tcm "
HR = 0.77 (se 0.30), ci95(0.36, 1.66) "No subjects" = 33

parmby "bootstrap, reps(1000): stcox tcm
HR = 0.77 (se 0.45), ci95(0.40, 1.49) "No subjects" = 33

bootstrap, reps(1000): stcox tcm
HR = 0.77 (se 0.26), ci95(0.40, 1.50) "No subjects" = 33

*Note: I'm using inverse probability of treatment weighting, with the following command immediately preceding -stcox-:
stset datedied [iweight=wt_unst_II]

Another anomaly is why the bootstrap option yields a narrower ci95.

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