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RE: st: RE: Truncation of words in smcl help files

From   "Nick Cox" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   RE: st: RE: Truncation of words in smcl help files
Date   Thu, 30 Nov 2006 20:14:00 -0000

It's still true that SMCL is essentially a line-by-line 
processor. It has to be because (a) SMCL has no concept
of an end of document, unlike HTML; (b) Stata's basic output mode is 
a line at a time. 

If HTML had been fine for Stata purposes, 
then it would have been perverse of StataCorp to invent SMCL, 
as HTML was already (1) well-known (2) cross-platform (3) non-proprietary 
(4) excellent, but the condition isn't true. 

Incidentally, I remember that I wanted to insert the reference 

M{c o:}bius, August Ferdinand. 1827. 
{it:Der barycentrische Calcul: ein neues H{c u:}lfsmittel zur 
analytischen Behandlung der Geometrie dargestellt und insbesondere 
auf die Bildung neuer Classen von Aufgaben und die Entwicklung 
mehrerer Eigenschaften der Kegelschnitte.} 
Leipzig: Johann Ambrosius Barth. [1790{c -}1868] 

into my triplot.hlp, all on one line, but SMCL wouldn't play until
I split it into shorter lines. And I thought M{c o:}bius would be bound 
to fit on a single line, being a one-sided person. 

[email protected] 

Ian Watson
> Sent: 01 December 2006 14:54
> To: [email protected]
> Subject: Re: st: RE: Truncation of words in smcl help files
> Scott,
> Many thanks for this. It works fine and resolves the issue 
> for the moment.
> It is the solution I've used in the past. I had hoped to find another 
> way because cutting and pasting "hard-wrap" (as opposed to 
> "soft-wrap" 
> paragraphs) can be a pain.
> It seems to me that smcl's s paragraph mode (as opposed to line mode) 
> must still need to process strings (hence the 244 word limit), rather 
> than unlimited-length paragraphs. I would have thought smcl 
> might have 
> behaved like html (which does not suffer from the 244 word limit).
> Ian
> Scott Merryman wrote:
> > Ian,
> > 
> > I am not sure why, but if you add a carriage return after the second
> > sentence (or after every sentence) the problem goes away.
> > 

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