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Re: st: Plain Text

From   "Raphael Fraser" <>
Subject   Re: st: Plain Text
Date   Thu, 30 Nov 2006 11:56:38 -0500

Gmail has two modes WHEN COMPOSING MAIL "Rich formatting >>" or "<<
Plain text". Both are not visible at the same time. For example, if
you can see the text "<< Plain text" then you are in "Rich formatting
" mode and vice versa.

On 11/30/06, Marcello Pagano <> wrote:
Dear Listers,

The issue of postings being in "Plain Text" comes up repeatedly, mostly
off-list, of course.  I usually reply to listers who cannot post that
they need to write in "Plain Text" and send them to the FAQ (Section
2.2!)  This usually helps, but of late a number of individuals on gmail
have had trouble finding "Plain Text".  I don't know gmail, nor how to
find "Plain Text" on gmail.  If anyone out there has cracked this nut,
please tell us how to do it.



p.s. The reason for "Plain Text" initially was that some mailers cannot
handle anything else, but fortunately for us, this constraint has also
spared us from a lot of spam!
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