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RE: st: RE: problem with describe and r(varlist)

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: RE: problem with describe and r(varlist)
Date   Wed, 29 Nov 2006 13:25:43 -0000

Well, it's not the listserver that you are talking about, 
but an archive. 

But you are correct. There may be software that lets 
you do that, and also verifies that you are a list member, 
but it is not used by Statalist. 

I am no expert, but back doors are often back doors for spammers. 
I don't want Statalist to be flooded by messages advising me 
to buy stocks, or enhance my bodily performance, or pick up
my lottery millions, or alerting me to hitherto unknown friends
who wish me to help them move their millions out of some country, 
despite being unable to explain why they are in a refugee camp 
yet have full email access.  

More plainly put, the convenience of the digest in
getting only one message a day has this corresponding 
disadvantage for you -- and for others -- that replies to the Digest
mess up archive threading. 


Adama Konseiga
> Thanks Nick for the clarifications. I think because I receive 
> the digest
> version of statalist, there is no way I can reply directly to your
> message. Alternatively I loaded the message in my browser at:
> But there seems to be no way you can reply also from that page of the
> Listserver.
Nick Cox

> I don't think the Statalist FAQ -- if that is what you 
> mean -- is totally explicit on this, but if you reply directly 
> to a posting, archiving software should classify your 
> reply as part of the same thread. 
> This applies even if you change the subject! 
 Adama Konseiga
> > PS: I wish I could reply to the original thread and not start 
> > each time
> > a new one. I can't see how to do that from the statalist web page.

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