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Re: st: RE: problem with describe and r(varlist)

From   Daniel Becker <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: RE: problem with describe and r(varlist)
Date   Mon, 27 Nov 2006 01:44:02 +0100

Nick, thanks for your quick response.

I am using stata 9.2 as well, on a mac, the intercooled version

my workaround to this limit in r(varlist) was to first apply ds to all variables that are not string variables (I do not want to tabulate all string variables anyway..)

So this worked

quietly ds, not(type string);
local AlleVariablen = r(varlist);

foreach x of local AlleVariablen {;
codebook `x', compact;
tabulate `x';

Thanks for your code and your hint about help limits - I wasn't aware that I am doing things that make those limits relevant.


PS: I posted to the list the first time. Doesn't the listserver send me my own message? I only saw Nick's responses coming in....

Am 27.11.2006 um 01:04 schrieb Nick Cox:

I guess that your line

local AlleVariablen = r(varlist)

evaluated, not copied. Thus the limit on
the length of a string in a string expression
(see -help limits-) bit you.

Actually, I am a bit puzzled, as in my version
of Stata, 9.2, -describe, simple- does not leave behind
r(varlist) -- contrary to [D] describe and your example.

Anyway, your code can be slimmed down to cut the
middle macro:

foreach x of var * {
	codebook `x', compact
	tabulate `x'

[email protected]

Daniel Becker

I am trying to loop over all names of variables in the memory. to
prepare for that, I want to prepare a local that lists all my
variables. I thought that r(varlist) stores them, but, as you see
below, the "descibe, simple" commmand gives me all my variables, it
stores only a subset in r(varlist).

Does anyone know why that happens?

Thanks for any hint,


#### from my do-file

describe, simple;
display r(varlist);
local AlleVariablen = r(varlist);
display "Im local AlleVariablen steht: " "`AlleVariablen'";

foreach x of local AlleVariablen {;
codebook `x',compact;
tabulate `x';

#### stata-output from the log
describe, simple;
res_id       B6           B15          B24          C5_1
E4_sonst     F5_konkret
start        B7           B16          B25          C5_2
E5           F6
ende        - B8           B16_andere   B26          C5_3
E6           F6_konkret
A1           B9_1         B17          C1           D1
E7           F7
A2           B9_2         B17_sonst    C2           D1_andere
E8           F7_konkret
A2_sonst     B10          B18          C3_1         D2
E9           G1
A3           B10_konkret  B18_sonst    C3_2         D3
E10          G2
A4           B11          B19          C3_3         D4
E10_andere   G3
B1           B11_sonst    B20          C3_4         E1
E11          A1_erstf
B2           B12          B20_konkret  C4_1         E1_sonst
F1           A1_zweitf
B3           B12_sonst    B21          C4_2         E2           F2
B4           B13          B21_sonst    C4_3         E2_konkret   F3
B5           B13_mehr     B22          C4_4         E3           F4
B5_sonst     B14          B23          C4_5         E4           F5

 display r(varlist);
res_id start ende A1 A2 A2_sonst A3 A4 B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B5_sonst B6 B7
B8 B9_1 B9_2 B10 B10_konkret B11 B11_son
st B12 B12_sonst B13 B13_mehr B14 B15 B16 B16_andere B17
B18 B18_sonst B19 B20 B20_konkret B21 B2
1_sonst B22 B23 B24 B25 B26
#### the variables C1 ... D1 ... etc are missing in r(varlist)

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