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Re: st: Predict after asmprobit

From   [email protected] (Richard Gates)
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: Predict after asmprobit
Date   Fri, 17 Nov 2006 13:47:49 -0600

Gunnar is asking about the error message he recieved when trying
to predict after -asmprobit-.  I am trying to recreate the problem
and until I can he will have to bear with me.  In the meantime 
if I could ask Gunnar to check that Stata is properly updated.  Try

. update query

Stata executable
    folder:               /usr/local/stata9/
    name of file:         xstata
    currently installed:  06 Oct 2006
    latest available:     06 Oct 2006

Ado-file updates
    folder:               /usr/local/stata9/ado/updates/
    names of files:       (various)
    currently installed:  27 Oct 2006
    latest available:     27 Oct 2006

    Do nothing; all files up to date.

If his Stata up-to-date, perhaps he could send me an example that 
will recreate the error.

[email protected]

> Commands:
> . asmprobit ....
> . predict prob, p
> value label __000003 not found
> The "asmprobit" seems to work fine for my data.
> The example from the "asmprobit postestimation" help in the manual with
> "predict" after "asmprobit" works fine on my computer. 
> My dataset for the "asmprobit" differs from the example in two ways. I have
> got only three different choices / alternatives instead of four in the
> manual's example and I have restrictions that the estimated coefficients for
> the "casevars" are equal between the two choices / alternatives that are not
> the base alternative.
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