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st: how create a sequential logit

From   "Giulio Michele Bosio (giulio.bosio)" <[email protected]>
To   [email protected], [email protected]
Subject   st: how create a sequential logit
Date   Thu, 16 Nov 2006 11:26:53 +0100

Dear All,
I need to estimate with stata a sequential logit model. It's a simple logit plus multinomial logit with 4 outcome.In this model there is no correlation between errors at first and second step.So I need 5 vectors of betas (parameters).
I can't use a nlogit routine becouse my dataset is made only with individual information.
I have tried to use: args command and ml model, but it seems that stata doesn't work with more than three parameters? it's true?
There is another way in which I could program my model?
thanks in advance.

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