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st: Decile sorts

From   "Thomas Erdmann" <[email protected]>
To   <[email protected]>
Subject   st: Decile sorts
Date   Thu, 9 Nov 2006 23:09:26 +0100


I am trying to sort my observations into deciles according to one attribute
and afterwards calculating the average of another attribute of those ten

(Basically different kinds of financial ratios for a group of companies to
check afterwards, if the decile portfolios have significantly different
rates of return). 

Please find the code I came up with below [lines with ... are omitted], yrm
is the time variable (YearMonth)

(1) As far as I can tell it works out, but a) it's a lot of code and
b)produces a lot of variables and c)generating the output is rather awkward.

Could you give me hints on how to implement a smarter solution or if there
are any errors in the way the calculation is carried out currently?

(2) In an earlier mail it was suggested to use -anova- to assess the
equality of portfolios. I now found a study which uses a Chi-Square
statistic to assess the null hypothesis of equality of portfolios by using
GMM with the moment conditions: 
e1= R1 - MR; e2= R2 - MR; ...; e10 = R10 - MR
where R1 to R10 are the returns of the decile portfolios and MR is the Mean
Return parameter to be estimated (therefore over-identified equation with 10
moment conditions and only one parameter to be estimated). How can this be
translated into Stata commands?

Thanks a lot.


*** Generate Percentiles
sort yrm 	
	foreach X of varlist c1* {
	by yrm: egen p10_`X'= pctile(`X'), p(10.0)
	by yrm: egen p20_`X'= pctile(`X'), p(20.0)
	by yrm: egen p30_`X'= pctile(`X'), p(30.0)
	by yrm: egen p90_`X'= pctile(`X'), p(90.0)

*** Sort into Percentile groups
	foreach X of varlist c1* {
	gen G_`X'=1 if `X'<p10_`X' & `X'~=.
	replace G_`X'=2 if `X'>p10_`X' & `X'<p20_`X' 
	replace G_`X'=9 if `X'>p80_`X' & `X'<p90_`X' 
	replace G_`X'=10 if `X'>p90_`X' & `X'~=.

*** Calculate return mean for each group
sort yrm
	foreach X of varlist G* {
	by yrm: egen R1`X'= mean(c1ds_ri) if `X'==1
	by yrm: egen R2`X'= mean(c1ds_ri) if `X'==2
	by yrm: egen R9`X'= mean(c1ds_ri) if `X'==9
	by yrm: egen R10`X'= mean(c1ds_ri) if `X'==10

*** Results
collapse (mean) R*

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