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st: Stata/SAS data transfer programs have been updated on the SSC archive

From   Dan Blanchette <>
Subject   st: Stata/SAS data transfer programs have been updated on the SSC archive
Date   Mon, 16 Oct 2006 11:10:46 -0400 (EDT)

Thanks to Kit Baum, the SSC now has updated
versions of my Stata/SAS data transfer programs:
and my SAS macro SAVASTATA and my c-shell script
that runs -savasas- and SAVASTATA for from a
UNIX/Linux prompt.

If you've had trouble with directory names that contain quotes and commas and other special characters
or if you've had trouble with Stata value labels that end with numbers (invalid SAS format names), then
give my programs another chance. If you are fairly
frequent user of my programs, you should update them.

. ssc install savasas, replace
. ssc install usesas, replace

Stat/Transfer and DBMS/Copy create a SAS format
for each Stata value label even if that value
label is used for many variables (like a yes_no
value label). My programs create them as the
user would like and/or expect. This feature
may be the reason my programs continue to have
a purpose since SAS 9.1.3 SP3 now offers the ability
to import and export Stata datasets with built-in
SAS procedures. BTW, I've tested them and you should really check your data to make sure your
copy is a satisfactory copy of the original. Like Stata special missing numeric values are converted
to just missing values ("."). I've passed on to SAS all the
ways they fail in hopes they'll fix them.

Dan Blanchette

ITS Research Computing
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

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