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RE: st: Appending several files

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: st: Appending several files
Date   Mon, 16 Oct 2006 13:01:48 +0100

Three quite different comments and an alternative. 

1. If you do it this way, you don't need so many braces. 

local j "0"
foreach f in `r(files)' { 
	if `j' == 0 use `f'
	else append using `f' 
	local ++j

2. As you want the numeric interpretation, I find 

local j = 0 

clearer, particularly as you are testing its
numeric value later. Stata doesn't care, but 
a code reader might. 

3. If you are a Windows user and accustomed 
to putting spaces in your filenames, this will
fall over unless the names come quoted. 

local j = 0
foreach f in `r(files)' { 
	if `j' == 0 use `"`f'"'
	else append using `"`f'"' 
	local ++j

should be safe either way. 

I feel queasy about going through two loops
simultaneously unless it's unavoidable. 
That's mostly just a style prejudice. 
It is avoidable here, although this 
alternative is less scrutable, so to 

tokenize `r(files)' 
use `"`1'"' 
mac shift 
local files `"`*'"'

foreach f of local files {
	append using `"`f'"'  

I should guess that there is not much 
efficiency difference for normal problem

> Ulrich Kohler already supplied an interesting solution.  I'd 
> like to show how I usually handle this sort of situation 
> (which does come up often -- with either -append- or 
> -merge-). This might be more of an old-fashioned programmer's method.
> local j "0"
> foreach f in `r(files)' { 
>  if `j' == 0 {
>   use `f'
>  }
>  else {
>   append using `f' 
>  }
> local ++j
> }
> One can be more clever by putting the ++j (or j++) inside the 
> -if- statement, if you prefer.
> I haven't yet tried that technique; it might go 
> if `j++' ==0
> (if I have the syntax right -- or is it `=j++' ... ?) or even
> if ~`j++'

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