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Re: st: question on distribution of values

Subject   Re: st: question on distribution of values
Date   Tue, 10 Oct 2006 16:51:55 +0100

What about: 

bysort order: egen qt2 = mean(Qt) / count(Qt) 


Andrea King <> 
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10/10/2006 16:18
Please respond to


st: question on distribution of values

Dear Statalist Users,

Here's an example of the data I'm working with:

Order#      Qt       Zip
1           5       00011
1           5       00012
1           5       00013
1           5       00014
2           3       00021
2           3       00023
3           8       00031
3           8       00035
3           8       00036

Here are my problems:

1. The quantity of packages (qt) listed does not correspond directly to 
the zip code. For example, Order #1 requested 5 packages, to be 
distributed among each of four zip codes, or 1.25 packages per unique zip, 
not 5 packages per zip code.

2. I have yet to find the correct syntax that would allow me to create a 
variable that would show the distribution of Qt among the zip codes. I've 
played with egen, but can't get it to work.

So my question is:

how can I take one value of Qt (or if needed, an average of Qt), within 
each unique Order# and divide it by the number of unique zip codes by 
order#? Also, if it helps, the order number is listed each
time the zip code changes, so a count of order# would probably work, too, 
but I'd prefer to do it by Zip.



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