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st: Summary statistics/latex

From   "Richard Boylan" <>
Subject   st: Summary statistics/latex
Date   Thu, 5 Oct 2006 09:51:08 -0500

I am trying to generate a latex table of summary statistics that looks
as follows:

Table 1: Summary Statistics

Panel A: Dependent variables

                    Mean         ....
Income            5              ...

Panel B: Independent variables

                    Mean         ....
Education         10             ...

So, I cannot use the program sutex because I want the table to have
two different panels.

Presumably, there is a way of generating this type of table using some
of the program written by Roger Newson, but I could not find an
example of his that was very similar to this.

I would appreciate if anyone who had an example of how to generate a
similar table would email it to me or to the stata listserv.
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