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Re: st: The : symbol

From   James Cui <>
Subject   Re: st: The : symbol
Date   Wed, 04 Oct 2006 22:52:05 +1000

Thank you Nick and Roger. Both ways are fine for me.


Nick Cox wrote:

The help for -smcl- gives a solution:
{stata args[:text]} (syntaxes 3 & 4) {stata} displays text as a link that will execute the Stata command args in the
Results window. Stata will first ask before executing the command that is
displayed in a web browser. If args (the Stata command) contains a colon, remember
to enclose the command in quotes.

Roger Harbord

Perhaps {stata webuse nlswork2, clear} will work better?

James Cui

I try to use {stata use, clear}

in a Stata help file to establish a hyper-link executable
command. However,

the ":" symbol in it stops me to do so.

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