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Re: st: linear probability model vs. probit/logit

From   Richard Williams <>
Subject   Re: st: linear probability model vs. probit/logit
Date   Tue, 03 Oct 2006 16:26:20 -0500

At 03:04 PM 10/3/2006, Nishant Dass wrote:
Hi Maarten,
Thanks for the link.  I read it but I wonder - does perfect
prediction result in exclusion of those observations?
Yes, but you should be getting a warning message about cases being dropped if that is what is happening. In addition, you said you had 12,000 case for logit/probit and 10,000 for ols. Unless you had that backwards, that would not be consistent with cases being dropped because of perfect prediction, i.e. the N for logit/probit should be smaller than the N for ols if perfect prediction is costing you cases.

Hi Richard,
I checked again and my runs aren't different.  I simply
replaced the -reg- with -logit- and re-run the command, and
get a different no. of obs.  I am not sure how useful would
pasting my command be for you because there's really
nothing different between the two commands that I am
running (except the estimation method.)
Is there anything else involved, like weights or clustering?

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