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st: Results from -bootstrap-

From   Herb Smith <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: Results from -bootstrap-
Date   Thu, 28 Sep 2006 09:12:47 -0400 (EDT)

To establish whether a certain estimator and its estimated standard error
(via the bootstrap) are unbiased and cover population parameters as per
purported confidence intervals....

I am running -bootstrap- with my estimator.  I would like to -return- and
cumulate results across repeated samples (from the original population)
via -simulate- .  But I am at a loss as to where to find the statistics
produced by -bootstrap- (or -estat bootstrap-), e.g., the estimated 95%
confidence intervals.  I mean, I obviously see them on the screen, for any
given -bootstrap-, but neither

-return list-


-ereturn list-

show me any scalars, macros, or matrixes I can "grab" to pass on to

	Thanks in advance,

	--Herb Smith

Professor of Sociology and
Director, Population Studies Center
230 McNeil Building
3718 Locust Walk CR
University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA  19104-6298

[email protected]

215.898.7768 (office)
215.898.2124 (fax)
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