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st: Re: dummy variable with overlapping if conditions

From   Kit Baum <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   st: Re: dummy variable with overlapping if conditions
Date   Tue, 26 Sep 2006 08:06:48 -0400

It is useful to note that a binary variable of this sort is the intersection of the sets defined by each dummy. Intersection of sets in binary arithmetic is done by multiplying, or with the AND operator (&). The union of sets -- true if either is true -- is done with the OR operator (|). Stata does not contain an exclusive OR operator (XOR), but one can readily be fashioned by adding the dummies:

gen xor12 = cond(dum1+dum2==1, 1, 0)

Kit Baum, Boston College Economics
An Introduction to Modern Econometrics Using Stata:

On Sep 25, 2006, at 2:33 AM, statalist-digest wrote:

I will just add that Philipp's code generates missing where the condition is not met and these would have to be replaced
with 0 to make it a dummy variable. This two step can be avoided if this code is modified to be

gen cl1 = conlab == 1 & (clmarg>=.95 & clmarg<=1.05)
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