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Re:st: Some technical problem with Stata

From   n j cox <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re:st: Some technical problem with Stata
Date   Thu, 07 Sep 2006 10:35:33 +0100

In effect you wish to contact StataCorp tech support. Several StataCorp
people are members of Statalist, so your mail would be forwarded to
them promptly later this morning. However, it is much more efficient for everybody for you to mail them directly at [email protected].

A glance at the FAQ
shows that you are providing only a very small fraction of
the information they will need to solve your problem. There is
no information here, for example, on what OS and what version
of Stata you are using. Also, I have no idea how anyone can know anything about this file that you don't know. But again, don't tell us, please tell tech-support.

[email protected]

[email protected]

This is more a question directed to the Stata staff. I'm running
Intercooled Stata on a remote server. For some reason, when I tried to
open my file, it says it's not in Stata format and wouldn't open it.
Sounds like the file is corrupt. But I tried to open it again, and it
opened. Just wondering if there might have been changes to the file.

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