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st: aic and adftest -- error

From   "Olga Gorbachev Melloni" <>
Subject   st: aic and adftest -- error
Date   Thu, 31 Aug 2006 16:09:58 -0400


I liked very much the -adftest- routine that Rodrigo Martell posted a few weeksa ago. So i copied it hoping ot use it. But for whatever reason I get an error messge that the "varlist is not allowed" and of course if I don't give any varlist, the error message says "requires varlist"

does that make any sense?

adftest dfood, lag(5)

Here is the repreduction of the code I used:

program define adftest, rclass

version 9.2
syntax varlist(max=1) [if] [in] [, Lags(int-1) bic ]
estimates clear
tokenize `varlist'
foreach var of local varlist{
	forvalues i=1/`lags'{
		//display "ADF(`i') of `var'"
		qui dfuller `var', constant lags(`i') 		local list storage(`i')
		estimates store adf_`i'_`var'
	qui estimates stats `storage(`i')'
	matrix s=r(S)
	matrix criteria=J(`lags',2,.)
	forvalues i=1/`lags' {
		matrix criteria[`i',1]=s[`i',5]
		matrix criteria[`i',2]=s[`i',6]
if "`bic'" != "" {
	matrix criteria = criteria[1...,2]
	local crit  "BIC"
else {
	matrix criteria = criteria[1...,1]
	local crit  "AIC"

mata: min_row(st_matrix("criteria"))
local min = min[1,1]
display " "
display in gr "Optimal lag by `crit' criteria = " `min'
dfuller `varlist', lag(`min') constant


	matrix function min_row(matrix A)
	B = colmin(A)
 	C = B:==A
 	A2 = (0, 0)
 	maxindex(C, 1, C, A2)


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