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st: SJ 6-3 is out

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: SJ 6-3 is out
Date   Thu, 31 Aug 2006 17:17:41 +0100

As electronic subscribers, meaning those who subscribe
electronically, will know,

 	Stata Journal Volume 6, Issue 3, 2006

has been emailed.

The printed copy will be mailed to subscribers in 2-3 weeks.

This is for others, to let them know what they are missing.

Abstracts are accessible to all from
which also leads to details of how to subscribe or purchase
individual issues.

Similarly, software published with this issue is
available to all, subscribers or not.
Ado files and help files can be installed on your
machine from within Stata. If you have the current
version of Stata and an Internet connection, type

      . net sj 6-3

Here are the individual titles:

Maximum likelihood estimation of endogenous switching and sample
selection models for binary, ordinal, and count variables
A. Miranda and S. Rabe-Hesketh

Confidence intervals for rank statistics: Somers' D and extensions
R. Newson

Tests and confidence sets with correct size when instruments are
potentially weak
A. Mikusheva and B. P. Poi

Graphical representation of interactions
F. M.-S. Barthel and P. Royston

Jackknife instrumental variables estimation in Stata
B. P. Poi

Difference-based semiparametric estimation of partial linear
regression models
M. Lokshin

Importing Federal Reserve economic data
D. M. Drukker

Mata Matters: Interactive use
W. Gould

Speaking Stata: Graphs for all seasons
N. J. Cox

Review of A Gentle Introduction to Stata by Acock
M. Mulcahy

Stata tip 34: Tabulation by listing
D. A. Harrison

Stata tip 35: Detecting whether data have changed
W. Gould

Stata tip 36: Which observations?
N. J. Cox

Software Updates



Editors, Stata Journal

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