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Re: st: RE: matsum - matrix sums of rows

From   Fabrizio Gilardi <[email protected]>
To   [email protected]
Subject   Re: st: RE: matsum - matrix sums of rows
Date   Thu, 24 Aug 2006 15:25:43 +0200

Thank you very much indeed. My problem was precisely identifying the name of the matrix with the results. All fine now.

Le 24 ao�t 06 � 15:14, Nick Cox a �crit :

A third alternative to your search is to look at the program
itself. It is just more Stata.

After your command you have a new matrix -r- in memory,
so its elements are

r[1,1], r[2,1], ....

In the help,

matsum A [, row(mat_name) column(mat_name) all(mat_name) display format(fmt)]

Computes and/or displays the row-wise, column-wise and over-all maximum,
minimum, and sum over the elements of a matrix. More than one operator may
be specified simultaneously. These commands default to the column-wise

the implication is that you are naming a new matrix with whatever you
supply as mat_name.

[email protected]

Fabrizio Gilardi Ph.D.

I've been using the -matsum- command written by Jeroen Weesie. I
would like to access the results (notably the sums of rows) to use
them in further operations: how can I do this? I've perused the help
and Statalist's archives, but I couldn't find a solution.


. matrix A=(1,2,3 \ 4,5,6)

. matrix list A

     c1  c2  c3
r1   1   2   3
r2   4   5   6

. matsum A, r(r) d

row-wise sums of matrix A[2,3]

r1   6
r2  15

How can I access the sum of the first row of A (i.e. 6) and that of
the second row of A  (i.e. 15)?

I'm still using Stata 7, but I should receive Stata 9 soon.
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