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st: Recurrent event and frailty

From   Jana Bruder <>
Subject   st: Recurrent event and frailty
Date   Tue, 22 Aug 2006 14:51:07 +0200

Hi, I'm working with nonemployment spell data and want to estimate a
piecewise constant proportional hazard rate model. Most persons in my data
set experience more than one episode of unemployment. Moreover I would like
to control for unobserved heterogeneity regarding persons or groups of
persons. Is there a possibility in stata to implement a frailty model with
multiple-failure data? Right now, I end up with the following, because I can
not specify strata in combination with shared

xi: streg i.DUR3 i.CURRAGE3, d(e) iterate(20) strata(UENR2) cluster(PERSNR).

But as I understood, only standard deviations of coefficients are corrected
with this method. Actually I wanted to estimate some kind of random effects
model. Is there any solution to this problem? In case a combination of
multiple events and frailty is not possible, how do I find out, which aspect
is more important to consider? With the Akaike Information Criteria or

Jana Bruder

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