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st: RE: ??: Handling string data

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: ??: Handling string data
Date   Thu, 3 Aug 2006 13:01:27 +0100

This isn't so. Simpler solutions using -strpos()- (or -index()-) 
and -regexm()- were suggested promptly after the question 
was posted. There is no need to go outside Stata, or to 
use other software which the questioner may not even have access to. 

> I think the simplest way is to use excel transfer the string 
> x1,x2,x3...
> into numbers 0,0,1...and add them to get y.

> I have tried to solve this myself with the reference, but no luck so
> far.  My problem is to run a function on a string variable.  This is
> the data that I have
> Variable X:
> x1,x2,x3
> x1,x3
> x2
> x1,x3,x4,x5
> x5,x6
> I was tring to generate a dummy variable y=1 when x3 is contained in X
> and 0 otherwise.  Is there a command to do this?

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