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st: Update to -moremata- available from SSC

From   "Ben Jann" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: Update to -moremata- available from SSC
Date   Mon, 31 Jul 2006 12:12:32 +0200

Thanks to Kit Baum, an update to the -moremata- package
is available from SSC.

-moremata- provides various Mata functions.

To install the update, type

 . ssc install moremata, replace

or, if -moremata- is already installed,

 . adoupdate moremata, update

New functions:

 o mm_bs(): perform bootstrapping in Mata

 o mm_jk(): perform jackknifing in Mata

 o mm_polint(): polynomial interpolation

 o mm_root(): Brent's univariate zero (root) finder

 o mm_nrroot(): Newton-Raphson zero (root) finder

 o mm_finvert(): univariate function inverter
 o mm_locate(), mm_hunt(): locate position in an ordered

 o mm_expand(), mm_repeat(): duplicate contents of a 

 o mm_callf(): a programmers tool to pass optional 
   arguments to functions within functions 

 o mm_nobs(): shortcut to determine the number 
   observations or sum of weights depending on context 
 o mm_mse(), mm_sse(): shortcut to compute mean squared 
   error and the sum of squared errors
 o mm_kern(), mm_kint(): various kernel functions and 
   their integrals

Changes to existing functions:

 o mm_quantile(): new -altdef- argument to compute the 
   quantiles using a linear interpolation formula; great 
   speed improvements for unweighted data; the -p- 
   argument is optional now (the default for p is 
   (0,.25,.5,.75,1)); -p- may be a matix now.

 o The -w- argument (weights) is optional now in 
   mm_quantile(), mm_iqrange(), mm_median(), mm_ecdf(),
   mm_ranks(), mm_freq(), mm_gini(), and mm_histogram().

 o The -g- argument (interval boundaries) is optional
   now in mm_histogram(). 

 o The default for -m- in makegrid() is now 512.

 o Slight changes have been made to the output produced
   by mm_panels().

 o The -fw- argument has been deleted from mm_linbin(), 
   mm_fastlinbin(), and mm_exactbin()

 o q in relrank(x,w,q) may now be matrix	

 o mm_rank() now hat a -ties=4- option to order ties 
   according to size of weights


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