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Re: st: Syntax xtivreg2

From   "stefan lhachimi" <>
Subject   Re: st: Syntax xtivreg2
Date   Wed, 26 Jul 2006 10:27:02 -0400

That is well hidden in the online help

l. means the first lag of the variable in question
l2. means the second lag

d. means the first difference of the variable in question


f. means the first lead of the variable

Hope this helps.

On 7/26/06, Tutor 2005 UM <> wrote:
Hi everybody,

I canīt seem to find the right information on the syntax of xtivreg. I
looked at help, google, stata archives...

Could somebody please explain the example from the help file to me?

. xtivreg2 ys k (n=l2.n l3.n), fe small

In particular: What does  'l2.n' and '13.n' stand for? What does the L
stand for, what the dot and what does the number specify. So far i am
only guessing, but that doesnīt prove to be very satisfactory.

Thanks for pointing that out to me.


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