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st: How to insert page breaks in SMCL files so that they're recognized?

From   Joseph Coveney <>
To   Statalist <>
Subject   st: How to insert page breaks in SMCL files so that they're recognized?
Date   Wed, 26 Jul 2006 15:34:36 +0900

How can I insert a page break in a SMCL log file so that it will produce a
page break in the resulting .ps or .pdf file when I print it from Stata's
Viewer window using, say, PDFCreator or similar?

Inserting an ASCII 12 character (form feed), as in Kevin Crow's -listp-,
doesn't work; it results in a little square symbol in the .pdf or .ps file,
but no page break.

Clyde Schechter asked something similar on the list in December of 2004.
The only reply suggested using -display in smcl "{c 12}"-, which is just
another way in which to insert the ASCII form feed character into the SMCL

One alternative that I considered is to pad with ASCII line-feed characters
to remainder of the page length, but that requires predicting what line
we'll be at in the SMCL log file, as-displayed.  (The log file contains
ANOVA tables and -adjust-s.)  Stata's Viewer has an option to insert line
numbers when printing from it (which is not something that I want in the
printout), so there must be some algorithm to calculate current line number
on the page, as-displayed, from inspection of the SMCL log file.  Anyone
know what it is?

Joseph Coveney

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