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st: MDS in Stata 9

Subject   st: MDS in Stata 9
Date   Tue, 25 Jul 2006 19:31:05 +0000


I'd like to use Stata 9 for an MDS analysis but I don't know if Stata is applicable and I don't see how to set up the data if it is.  The reason for the uncertainty about using Stata 9 is that the MV manual keeps referring to metric MDS and I have nonmetric data.  The data are from a survey that asked people to rate the similarity of products on a 0 - 10 scale: 0 = completely dissimilar, 10 = completely similar. There are 1500 people and 15 products, each person rating pairs of products (not all 105, of course, just some subset).  I thought of recoding so that, say, 8 - 10 would be coded as "the same", all else as "not the same" and then using mdslong with the proportion rating "the same".  Would this work?  What about the metric vs. nonmetric issue or is this just poor documentation in the manual?

I can run the problem in SAS, but can I import the coordinates into Stata to plot the results on a biplot?

Any suggestions are appreciated.


Walt Paczkowski
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