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Re: st: FW: argmax for -summaraize-

From   Jeph Herrin <>
Subject   Re: st: FW: argmax for -summaraize-
Date   Mon, 24 Jul 2006 18:40:31 -0400

To avoid the rounding problem you can try

  gen cond= [if and/or in statments]
  bysort cond: egen xmax=max(x)

where "mycond" should probably include x>=.


Feiveson, Alan H. (JSC-SK311) wrote:
Hello - Does anyone know an efficient way to identify the observation at
which a particular variable is minimum or maximum (subject to `if'
and/or `in') ?

Apparently -summarize- does not return this value. I see nothing in
-egen- nor  does "findit argmax" produce anything. I can program this
myself by looping through the observations but that is not efficient. In
particular one cannot gurantee that anything like

summ x
local xmax=r(max)
if x = `xmax' {

will work because of rounding. I also wish to avoid -preserve-,
-collapse-, etc

Al Feiveson

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