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RE: ivhettest: heteroskedastic IV in panel estimation

From   "Schaffer, Mark E" <>
To   <>
Subject   RE: ivhettest: heteroskedastic IV in panel estimation
Date   Mon, 24 Jul 2006 12:56:22 +0100


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> Vincenzo Lombardo
> Sent: Sunday, July 23, 2006 10:22 AM
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> Subject: ivhettest: heteroskedastic IV in panel estimation
> dear all,
> i am using this commands (ivreg2, gmm) for my panel 
> estimation; my issue is this one: i have to assess if using 
> IV estimation, that is I have basically to perform a test of 
> endogeneity. Now, in my panel there is presence of 
> heteroskedasticity and serial correlation (within cluster and 
> over time); then I tried two basic way to deal with this:
> 1) estimating the classical iv panel model re (xtivreg, re), 
> estimating the model not instrumented (xtreg, re) and then 
> performing the hausman-type test on the two models; results 
> not need to instrument!!!

But if there is heteroskedasticity and autocorrelation, then xtreg,re is
not efficient, so the Hausman test is invalid.  Or am I missing

> 2)then, taking into account the fact the the above 
> estimations do not consider the presence of 
> heteroskedasticity and correlation (xtivreg and xtreg are not 
> allowed for this), i am using ivreg2, gmm (because it has 
> been showed that in this cases GMM is more efficient than IV) 
> with robust-cluster option.

Shouldn't you use xtivreg2 instead of ivreg2?  The former is a wrapper
for the latter but gets things like degrees-of-freedom adjustments
right.  Or you can use ivreg2 but with explicit fixed effects dummies.

> 3) QUESTION: can I use after step 2, above, the command 
> ivhettest to demostrate the presence of heteroskedasticity in 
> the second model, even if my dataset is panel?

Actually, this is a reason to use ivreg2 with explicit dummies.
ivhettest won't work after xtivreg2, but will work after ivreg2 with



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> finally, do you think that the step 1 can give consistent 
> result of the endogeneity test, that i did?
> thanks a lot for your attenction,
> warm regards, vincenzo.
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